HHDRGA Competition Rules (1st February 2012)

1) Golfers playing in HHDRGA competitions may use distance measuring devices that comply with R&A rules in that they are limited to providing distance information only and only on golf courses that have a local rule allowing them to be used.

2) A Current Competition Handicap Certificate marked with a small c following the handicap (eg. 24c) must be produced on paper or electronically to show proof of handicap status. Failing to do so will result in the forfeiting of the match, disqualification or not being allowed to play and should be no older than 2 months. In all HHDRGA Competitions.
Players who reach (or play in) the semi-final / final of a competition will be required to have played 2 of the 3 qualifying rounds shown on their handicap certificate within the 2 months prior to the semi-final date.

3) Players in all Halifax, Huddersfield & Distict Rabbit Golf Association Competitions must be a five, six or seven day playing male member of the golf club that they are representing and are:

aged 18 years or older with a Congu playing handicap of 16 (15.5) or over

3a) The home clubs Rabbits Section is responsible for ensuring that the League Cup, RT Morley and Mellor Trophy can be played on any day of the week, in particular when a 5 or 6 day member is involved in that competition

4) Any player whose handicap has been reduced below 15.5 after entry to the RT Morley competition is allowed to continue playing in the competition - subject to playing off their current handicap.
Those who are playing in the Mellor Trophy, League Cup and Rabbits League whose handicap is altered so that they are below 15.5 if they are the low man, or below 20 if they are the high man, must be replaced to comply with the rules.

Secretaries and those who are selecting players to represent their club should make sure that those who are chosen comply with the rules of that competition.

5) All HHDRGA competitions will be played off yellow markers.

6) In competitions where a preliminary round is drawn those who come out first have home advantage and thereafter home advantage will be shown on the draw sheet up to the semi-final. (RT Morley, Mellor Trophy & League Cup).

7) Winners must notify the Coordinator with the result of the round as soon as the match has been played. If no result is forthcoming by the due date the match will be deemed not to have been played and both clubs will be scratched from the competition. (RT Morley, Mellor Trophy & League Cup).

8) Where and when opponents are known it is up to both sets of players to make contact and they should make every effort to arrange matches at the earliest opportunity within the allotted time frame for each round.
Problems in the organisation of matches should be notified to the Competition Coordinator immediately.

9) If no agreement can be reached as to when a match can be played then said players shall present themselves on the tee by 6-00pm (or time stated on the website) on the final day designated. Failing to do so will result in forfeiture of the match by any persons failing to meet this requirement. If no result has been received by the Coordinator within 24 hrs of the final deadline then both parties will be deemed to have not met the relevant requirements and be scratched from the competition. (RT Morley & Mellor Trophy & League knockout).

No extension of the due dates will be allowed.

10) Any dispute must be referred within 24 hrs. to the Competition Coordinator, who will make his decision after referring to the Committee. If necessary disputes over the rules of golf must be settled in accordance with Rule 3.5. The Coordinator’s decisions are final and entries are accepted subject to this proviso.(RT Morley, Mellor Trophy, League Cup & Rabbits League).

(11) The final of the RT Morley, the Mellor Trophy, the League Cup and the Fourball Trophy will be will be played on Finals Day at the at the President’s home course.
The semi-finals will take place at the Vice Presidents home course.
The dates for the Finals and semi-finals will be posted on the website at the beginning of the year and will not be changed so those who take part in the competitions should make themselves available for these dates.

All Trophies and prizes will be presented at the HHDRGA Annual Dinner. Those who have won a prize of what ever kind should make sure that they are there to collect it or have someone there to represent them.

The RT Morley Trophy Is an individual knockout competition. It is open to 8 members from each club who have a handicap of no lower than 15.5 and no higher than 28.4 on the date of entry to the competition.
A current competition handicap certificate must be produced on paper or electronically by both players before the game commences.

Players should ensure that the Coordinator has their correct telephone number when phoning through their match results and should not delay in contacting their opponents.
Dates by which each round must be played and names and telephone numbers of their opponents will be included on the draw sheet.

The competition is match play, played off full handicap difference to the rules of golf, as amended by the local rules of the home course.
Strokes to be received where indicated on the score card of the host club and matches are to be played to a finish.

No caddies are allowed to assist the players.

Prizes for winner, second and beaten semi-finalists

The HHDRGA Fourball Trophy (Played on finals day) will be one pair from each club if the competition is held on a 9 hole course and 2 pairs when held on a 18 hole course, and played off full handicap fourball betterball Stableford.Each member of the team must be an active playing member of the club they are representing.

CONGU competition handicap certificates must be produced on the day and mst be between 15.5 and 28.4.

Prizes for the winning team & second place and also a trophy for the club who's two teams have the best combined score when the competition is played on an 18 hole course will be presented at the Annual dinner.

The Norgate Trophy is an individual and team Stableford competition played over the Vice Presidents course off full handicap together with a three man competition using the lowest aggregate of the next best scores in the competition.
Each club participating must enter a 3 man team and each member of the team must be an active playing member of the club they are representing.
A current competition handicap certificate must be produced on the day and must be between 16 and 28 handicap.

Prize winners; - Best individual score.
Second best individual score and Best club team score.
(All three cards will count to make a team score).

President’s Day Trophy & Jubilee Trophy Is both an individual and a team Stableford competition played over the President’s home course off yellow markers.
Each club can supply up to an 8 man team for the competition when it is played on a 18 hole course and a 4 man team when played 9 hole course. All scores will count towards a team event.
Players off other than full membership will be allowed to play but current CONGU competition handicap certificates must be produced to show proof of status and must be between 16 and 28.4 handicap.

Prize winners; – The President’s Trophy will be given to the club whose team achieve the best aggregate score with all players counting.

The best individual score will win the Jubilee Trophy.
Prizes will be given for 2nd, 3rd places.

Mellor Trophy is a foursomes match play played off scratch knockout competition open to 2 teams from each club one team playing in each of the 2 sections of the competition.
(1) Each team must consist of one player in the handicap range of 15.5 to 19 and one player of 20 and above..
The club may play 2 players in the same team with handicaps of 20 and above if they wish but not of players with handicaps of 15.5 to 19.

(2) Current competition handicap certificates must be produced to show proof of status.

(3) Members of the teams can be changed in each round of the competition but a player can only play in one section of the competition.

(4) The local rules of the home course must be observed.

(5) The clubs appointed representative for each team should ensure that the coordinator or the webmaster has their correct phone number when phoning in the results. Players should not delay in contacting their opponents.

The winners will receive, on behalf of the club the Mellor Trophy to be kept by the club for one year.
Prizes for the winning team and second place to be presented at the Annual dinner.

HHDRGA League Rules
(1)The HHDRGA League is divided into 4 divisions A, B, C & D and matches are played on a home and away basis.
A league team shall consist of 2 teams of 2 players, each team will have one player with a handicap of 20 and above the other player in the team shall have a handicap no lower than 15.5 to comply with HHDRGA rules.
Promotion and relegation will be on a basis of 2 up and 2 down.

(2)All players must provide a current competition handicap certificate before playing each match. If any player fails to produce a valid handicap certificate as required they cannot take part in the fixture unless an agreement is reached between the team captains on the night.

(3)The competition will be match play, played off scratch and shall be deemed to be completed when a result has been reached (e.g. 4 & 3).

2 points will be awarded for each game won, one point for each half.
A further point is awarded to the club with the best aggregate for the 2 games.
Example – Dewsbury vs. Elland
If Dewsbury (1) win 4 & 3 they get 2 points. Elland (2) win 6 & 5 they also get 2 points but Elland have the better aggregate score being 6 to 4 up and are awarded the bonus point. For the avoidance of doubt a 2 & 1 win is better than 2 up.

(4) It is the responsibility of the home clubs representative to advise the Competition Coordinator or the Webmaster of the result and score of each match within 48 hrs. by email or telephone. Each club must retain the score card duly signed by both captains as a record of the match. The score card will be required to be shown in the event of a problem arising. Score cards will be provided or available to be downloaded.

(5) Matches must be played within the dates specified on the fixture list and the responsibility for the arrangement of the fixture lies with the home club.
Arrangements and dates for all home matches must be made as soon as possible after the league list is available and the representatives of the clubs in the section concerned should be informed of the intended dates.
Once agreed the dates become fixed dates and can be included in the clubs fixture list.
A copy of the fixed dates should be sent to the Competition Coordinator or Webmaster as soon as possible to enable the League fixtures to include dates and representatives.

(5a) In the event of a match not being played on the on the fixed date the fixture will be cancelled and at the discretion of the Committee points will be awarded according to the circumstances. However if both teams leaders agreed that the match could not be played due to circumstances out of their control and can be rearranged within the original time period allowed for the match then this will be allowed without reference to the Committee.

(6) In the event of a club not fulfilling an arranged fixture all the points for that match will be awarded to the opposing club plus 6 holes for each match.

(7) A tie for champion promotion or relegation will be decided on the resultant total aggregate. In the event of the points and holes aggregate being equal, there will be a one round play off on a course being decided by the Competition Coordinator.

(8) Fixtures must be played Monday to Friday evenings. The starting time of any games shall be between 5pm & 6pm a penalty of 3 holes will be levied on the offending team arriving on the tee between 6pm & 6.30pm and will play over the first 15 holes. After 6.30pm the match will be forfeited. To be valid the penalty must be claimed before teeing of at the first hole.
(8a)An earlier starting time can be negotiated between the two teams but not a later one.

(9) 3 players can make up 2 teams to start off at the specified time without penalty. A fourth person arriving late may then join the match, the score at the time to stand for the holes being played.

(10) In the event of a team being disqualified for any reason whatever, the 2 points plus the bonus point will be awarded to the opposing club and 3 holes up, irrespective of the result of the other teams match.

(11) Where a match cannot be completed e.g. weather or light, it can be stopped and rearranged to anther date. Both clubs should field the same pairings where possible and resume the game where it was left. All matches should be completed within the original time scale where possible unless prior agreement has been granted by the competition Coordinator.

(12) Where a dispute has been raised then the cards must not be signed and the circumstances must be reported immediately to the opposing club and the Competition Coordinator. A letter setting out the circumstances must also be sent to the Secretary of the association for consideration by the Committee. Representatives from the disputing clubs may be invited to put their case at the next Committee meeting, when the Committee’s decision will be final.

Trophies will be given for the winners of each division at the Annual Dinner.

HHDRGA League Cup Rules
The League Cup is played under the same rules as the HHDRGA League except that it is played on a single round knockout basis so that in the case of a tie after 18 holes the match must be played to a conclusion.
In such a situation one pair from each club must continue the match until a result is obtained i.e. sudden death. It is not a requirement that the pair play the same opponents as over the initial 18 holes.

Current competition handicap certificates must be provided before each game.

The semi-finals will be played at the HHDRGA Vice Presidents course and the final will be played on the Presidents home course.

Trophies will presented for first and second places at the Annual Dinner.

Passed by the Executive

Roger Ray (was David Stubbings to 1.9.2019)
09/ 02/ 2012 updated 26/10/2017 and 09/02/2018