HHDRGA Rabbit League Section D 2018 Fixtures

Last Update:14-03-2018

Note: The home club shows first and the result is relative to the home club. Example: If the fixture is 'Club A vs. Club B' and the result of Match 1 is 'Win 4/3' then in Match 1 'Club A' beat 'Club B' by 4 holes with 3 left to play.

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Match 1

Match 2

23April / 13thMay        
26th April Elland v Bradley Park      
2nd May Saddleworth v Halifax Ogden      
3rd May Bradley Park v Elland      
8th May Halifax Ogden v Saddleworth      
14thMay / 10thJune        
15th May Bradley Park v Saddleworth      
29th May Ryburn v Halifax Ogden      
30th May Saddleworth v Bradley Park      
5th June Halifax Ogden v Ryburn      
11thJune / 1st July        
  Bye-Bradley Park      
19th June Halifax Ogden v Elland      
  Ryburn v Saddleworth      
26th June Elland v Halifax Ogden      
  Saddleworth v Ryburn      
2ndJuly / 29thJuly        
  Ryburn v Elland      
10th July Bradley Park v Halifax Ogden      
  Elland v Ryburn      
24th JULY Halifax Ogden v Bradley Park      
30thJuly / 26thAug        
  Bye-Halifax Ogden      
  Elland v Saddleworth      
9th Aug Bradley Park v Ryburn      
  Saddleworth v Elland      
21st Aug Ryburn v Bradley Park