New 28+ handicaps for men

Players who have been allocated the new higher than 28 handicaps introduced by CONGU cannot participate in HHDRGA the competitions the Norgate Trophy, Presedent's Day, the Finals Day Four Ball and RT Morley Competitions but if the club wishes he may be used as the high man in the League, the League Cup and The Mellor Trophy.


Will all Clubs Please send details of their Club Contacts to the Secretary

so that they can be included on the website please


Will Clubs please send the names of their competitors in the Presidents Day

competition to the Secretary please.


Annual subscriptions for 2019 will be £60 which are due to be paid no later than January 31st


Trophy Winners 2018

RT Morley 1st Paul Mason (CNP)

Mellor Trophy 1st Willow Valley

Norgate Trophy 1st P Morris (CH) Norgate team trophy Willow Valley

Presidents Day Jubilee Tankard I Hill (CNP) Team trophy Willow Valley

League Division "A" Willow Valley Division "B" Huddersfield Division "C" Lightcliffe Division "D" Elland

League Cup 1st Meltham

Finals Day four ball 1st Marsden


Trophy Winners 2014

R T Morley 1st D Hibbert (CH) 2nd Z Kahn (WV)

Mellor Trophy 1st Woodsome Hall 2nd Dewsbury

Norgate Trophy 1st M Wood (CNP) 2nd D Wright (CNP) Team Trophy Crow Nest Park

Presidents Day Jubilee Tankard 1st D Wardle (Hu) 2nd D Morgan (HB) 3rd F Leek (Ca) Team Trophy Willow Valley

League Division "A" West End Division "B" Willow Valley Division "C" Bradley Park Division "D" Ryburn

League Cup Willow Valley

Finals Day Four Ball 1st M Wilson & F Leek (Ca) 2nd F Miskill & R Armillei (LP)


Trophy Winners 2015

RT Morley; 1st Stuart Chaplin (Ou) 2nd E Pearson (CH)

Mellor Trophy; 1st Lightcliffe 2nd Dewsbury

Norgate Trophy; N Dadd (WV) 2nd P Smith (BP) Team trophy; Willow Valley

Presidents Day; Jubilee Tankard 1st P Jeffries (WV) 2nd S Sykes (Ma) 3rd B Harris (Qu)

Presidents Day Team Trophy; Willow Valley GC

League division winners; "A" Willow Valley "B" Bradley Hall "C" Marsden "D" Saddleworth

League Cup; 1st Woodsome Hall 2nd Huddersfield

Finals Day Four Ball; 1st R Ray & R Fotheringham (WH) 2nd D Wear & S Walker (HO)

Four Ball 18 hole team trophy; Lightcliffe GC


Trophy winners 2016

RT Morley 1st E Zamberlan (CH) 2nd D Priestley (Li)

Mellor trophy 1st Willow Valley 2nd Marsden

Norgate trophy 1st K Stone (HO) 2nd M Budby (WV) Team trophy Willow Valley

Presidents day; Jubilee tankard K Stone (HO) 2nd A Crabtree (Me) 3rd S Andrews (Hu)

Team trophy winners Huddersfield GC

League division winners; "A" Willow Valley, "B" Huddersfield, "C" Dewsbury, "D" Longley Park.

League cup; 1st Lightcliffe 2nd Marsden.

Finals day fourball 1st C Hickliing & J Marcantonio (CH) 2nd D Hill & G Murgatroyd (Qu)


Trophy winners 2017

RT Morley; 1st N Evans (Hu) 2nd P Ford (Ou) section winners A Hillard (Li) & M Smith (HO)

Mellor Trophy; 1st Castlefields 2nd Cow Nest Park

Norgate Trophy; 1st R Johnson (Me) 2nd M Mychaylowskj (LP) Norgate team trophy; Outlane

President's Day Jubilee Tankard; V Alyappa (WE) 2nd H Westworth (WV) 3rd P Storer (Me)

President's Day Team Trophy; Crosland Heath / Bradley Hall / West End all with 239 points.

League division winners;"A" Woodsome Hall,"B" Bradley Hall,"C" Hebden Bridge,"D" Todmorden.

League Cup; winners Longley Park 2nd Marsden.

Finals Day Fourball; 1st T Anderson & R Wood (Me) 2nd SLiles & M Cassidy (WV)

Fourball 18 hole Agrigate cup; winners Meltham