RT Morley Section A 2018


Please note the Deadline Date for each round as given in the table below.

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All results should be sent to the Comp Coordinator at HHdrga22@gmail.com phone 07831103384

Last Updated: 25-04-2018

Preliminary round to be played by 4th of May

Tel No
1st Round 25th May
2nd Round 15th June
3rd Round 6th July
4th Round 27th July
Quarter/Final 17th August
Section Winner
N Robbinson 07772331871 BH
M Ellis 01422823484 Ry N Robbinson
G Greenhalgh 01457874150 Sa  
A Kendall 07976435945 LP    
R Schofield 01484654000 CH    
P Borders 07595106190 Tod R Schofield  
Bye   HO K Hitchcock  
K Hitchcock 07724993939 El      
S Wyatt 07931520779 Li      
J Brotherton 07767132763 Mar    
G Ellis 07970992491 WV    
G Thornton 01422373424 WE    
K Slater 07748488475 Out    
S Hodgson 07799674155 DD    
T Richardson 07787551955 Mel  
C Backhouse 07588593799 Hud
F Leek 01274671530 Ca
M Robertson--x 07719292301 HB F Leek
P Higham 07508542993 BP  
D Hill 07806775999 Que    
T Johnson 07795268227 WH    
M Kirkbride--x 07527958931 CNP T Johnson  
M Russell--x 07809100850 CH D Cleary  
D Cleary 01484305082 LP      
07539618317 El B Holbrook    
07812081605 WH R Fotheringham    
07540436783 DD G Senior    
07730047677 Hud G Hawe    
07809629509 Li G Lawley    
07917188079 Que P Knowles    
07854438829 HB G Degnan    
07725164358 Ca S Kerrod
01484719726 Out J P Ford
07790549724 Mar C Dawson    
07854285852 CNP P Mason    
07746403887 BP P Smith      
07535558481 HO G Hanley      
07919823415 BH A Littlewood    
07860530840 Mel R Wood    
07960980805 WV M Astin    
07979863866 WE J Clay    
01422364404 Ry A Smith    
07879667498 Tod D Webber  
07713506483 Sa M Keighery