RT Morley Section B 2019


Please note the Deadline Date for each round as given in the table below.

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All results should be sent to the Comp Coordinator at email HHdrga22@gmail.com phone 07831103384

Last Updated: 21-05-2019

Preliminary round to be played by 4th of May

Tel No
1st Round 25th May
2nd Round 15th June
3rd Round 6th July
4th Round 27th July
Quarter/Final 17th August
Section Winner
M Wilson 07880731916 El  
M Sparks 07973142935 Tod M Wilson
B Page 07811948576 BP B Page
A Littlewood 07919823415 BH   B Page
M Hinchcliffe 07889718053 LL   T Coulter
K Bruce 07836377048 Mar M Hinchcliffe  
T Coulter 07549420000 WE T Coulter  
J Wilson 01422201789 Li      
A Williamson 07552746080 CNP      
D Wear 07724260520 HO D Wear  
P Storer 07711677824 Mel P Morris  
P Morris 07855388868 CH   P Morris
S Simpson 07715635489 WV   S Simpson
R Allott 07933406417 HB S Simpson  
G Greenhalgh 01457874150 Sa S Hirst
S Hirst 01484607064 WH  
M Hellawell 07951961348 LP  
E Moss 07539441554 Out M Hellawell
M Hanley 07986704072 Hud M Hanley
M Murgatroyd 07484254730 Que    
M Ellis 07707550695 Ry    
D Jowett 07717113427 DD D Jowett  
P Swinden 07443452378 Ca P Swinden  
G Britten 07796611626 BH      
M Masters 01484721796 Li      
T McGarrell 07805256965 BP M Masters    
  WE C Scott    
C Scott
07865324273 CNP   M Masters  
07732964790 LP C Bullock C Bullock  
07917042107 Que T Moran    
07889790650 WH M Shaddock    
07879119547 CH G Hill
G Hill
07836579803 HB I Lindsay
N Evans
07973551308 Sa N Evans    
07747043328 HO S Eyles    
07973449125 Mel A Bennell S Eyles    
07941465835 WV K Shergill K Shergill    
07796078210 LL D Flynn    
07909730210 Mar M Simmonds    
07833211169 Ca M Wood M Simmonds  
01422884141 El R Jenkins R Jenkins  
07795077931 Tod V Korobczyc    
07976534350 DD M Binns  
07772331871 Ry N Robinson
07488363950 Out M Buckley
D Wardle
07570792921 Hud D Wardle