RT Morley Section C 2019


Please note the Deadline Date for each round as given in the table below.

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All results should be sent to the Comp Coordinator at email HHdrga22@gmail.com phone 07831103384

Last Updated: 08-08-2019

Preliminary round to be played by 4th of May -------Semi-Final play Hebden Bridge September 1st 9am start

Tel No
1st Round 25th May
2nd Round 15th June
3rd Round 6th July
4th Round 27th July
Quarter/Final 17th August
Section Winner
J Elliot 07557964931 El  
A Grundy 07852255074 LL A Grundy
G Simpson 07769756995 Mar G Simpson
D Wilkinson 07712135742 Ry   G Simpson
E Pearson 07754609070 CH   E Pearson
K Rochell 07810515861 DD E Pearson  
R Parker 07711198444 BP R Parker  
S Oldham 07881861189 Sa     E Pearson
A Hollingworth 07473119891 LP     A MacDonald
A MacDonald 07500344117 BH A MacDonald  
N Halstead 07827225652 Tod N Halstead  
B Goldspink 07747678268 Ca   A MacDonald
G Akroyd 07766413822 HB   J Wright
J Wright 07906947022 Li J Wright  
M Allatt 07817960486 WE R Ray
A MacDonald
R Ray 07985504062 WH  
J Gilbert
L Magyar 07724260520 HO  
B Todhunter 07772893181 Hud L Magyar
A Thompson 07771703076 Que A Thompson
K Slater 07748488475 Out   L Magyar
M Kilburn 07887958575 CNP   P Fairburn
G Thornton 07383996842 Mel M Kilburn  
J Kensit 07888915126 WV P Fairburn  
P Fairburn 07939381782 HO     L Magyar
I Black 07841816719 Li     J Gilbert
A MacDonald
S Jackson 07931180834 Tod I Black    
E Zamberlan E Zamberlan
N Kerrod
07816063302 Ca N Kerrod    
N Brokenshire
07721429571 Hud   I Black  
  WE Bye J Gilbert  
07805017712 Mar J Gilbert    
07801252552 El D Goody    
07788565920 CH E Zamberlan
E Zamberlan
07866892188 CNP P Morrison
P Morrison
07930141845 Sa B McConnell   E Zamberlan
07484734646 WH K Skippins   K Skippins
07816952058 LL M Wales K Skippins   E Zamberlan
07888760738 LP J Thompson J Thompson  
M Charlesworth
07581286478 BH J Walker    
07746403887 BP P Smith    
07970412464 Que S Goldthorpe S Goldthorpe  
07709326893 Mel M Tinker M Tinker  
07765978835 HB D Morgan   M Tinker
07799374562 Out R Sharp  
M Charlesworth
07765005624 WV D Holroyd
R Sharp
07789687313 DD M Charlesworth
M Charlesworth
01422343659 Ry M Haigh