RT Morley Section C 2018


Please note the Deadline Date for each round as given in the table below.

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All results should be sent to the Comp Coordinator. email HHdrga22@gmail.com phone 07831103384

Last Updated: 08-08-2018

Preliminary round to be played by 4th of May

Tel No
1st Round 25th May
2nd Round 15th June
3rd Round 6th July
4th Round 27th July
Quarter/Final 17th August
Section Winner
T Brennan 07492742355 Que
S Collick 07530364262 Mar T Brennan
D Wilkinson 01422823514 Ry G Wilson
G Wilson 07866788139 CH
G Wilson
C Froggett 07941703432 BP
A Henderson
S Green 07703333943 DD C Froggett  
B Ingham 07765611142 WE A Henderson  
A Henderson 07979227667 Out
  G Wilson
M Hanley 07986704072 Hud
  S Yendley
J Link 07786996527 Tod M Hanley  
D Cocker 07798725705 HB D Cocker  
T Simpson 07787511425 LP   M Hanley
S Yendley 07738786936 CNP   S Yendley
J Firth 07903845225 El S Yendley
Bye   HO M Bowater
S Yendley
M Bowater 01484715257 Ca  
L Berry
N Heginbotham 01457870037 Sa  
L Berry 07713953014 Mel L Berry
O 'Neill 07802320600 BH M Shaddock
M Shaddock 07889790650 WH   L Berry
P Jefferies 07948628809 WV   A Andrews
P Irving 07780615243 Li P Irving  
V Korobcycz 07795077931 Tod A Andrews   L Berry
A Andrews 07958235555 Hud     C Hickling
07936838549 HB C Greenwood    
S Yendley
07964866538 CH C Hickling C Hickling  
J Coote
J Coote
07490777959 Ry A Emms J Pettinger  
07939454090 Out J Pettinger    
07710265917 WE G Smith    
07484765230 El P Hudson P Hudson  
07584228014 BP A Riley A Riley  
07917523085 BH G Moody   A Riley
01484607064 WH S Hirst   J Coote
07393327126 CNP S Loker S Loker  
07739346807 WV J Coote J Coote
0145787174 Sa T Squibbs  
J Coote
07833211169 Ca M Wood  
D Priestley
07817173396 LP S Crank M Wood
07769756995 Mar G Simpson G Simpson
07545399376 DD R Ely   M Wood
07504055972 HO K Stone   D Priestley
07779633607 Li D Priestley D Priestley  
07968699160 Mel A Ashworth A Ashworth
07506747177 Que G Murgatroyd