RT Morley Section D 2019


Please note the Deadline Date for each round as given in the table below.

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All results should be sent to the Comp Coordinator at email HHdrga22@gmail.com phone 07831103384

Last Updated: 16-08-2019

Preliminary round to be played by 4th of May ------Semi-Final play Hebden Bridge September 1st 9am start

Tel No
1st Round 25th May
2nd Round 15th June
3rd Round 6th July
4th Round 27th July
Quarter/Final 17th August
Section Winner
P Higham 07508542993 BP  
M Bowater 01484715257 Ca M Bowater
M Coupland 07774671132 WH M Coupland
S Froggett 07463706084 Ry   M Coupland
M Keighery 07713506483 Sa   S Clarke
S Clarke 07591953795 BH S Clarke  
C Budgen 07784790931 Mel P Knowles  
P Knowles 07446747007 Que     S Clarke
I Lindsay 07950372363 LL     T Collins
Bye   WE I Lindsay  
D Mayall 07495136060 Out M Boustead  
M Boustead 07702681141 LP   M Boustead
T Collins 07860612755 CNP   T Collins
M Adams 07891307092 HO T Collins  
J Stobbs 07885864245 Tod J Stobbs
S Clarke
M Barker 07513939589 El  
C Bradshaw
A Airey 07798505156 Li  
D Cocker 07798725705 HB D Cocker
C Bradshaw 07387559870 CH C Bradshaw
S Collick 07530364202 Mar   C Bradshaw
M Bedford 07880691602 Hud   M Astin
P Gibb 07426457769 DD P Gibb  
M Astin 07960980805 WV M Astin  
S Newcombe 07710198665 El     C Bradshaw
G Lawley 07809629509 Li     C West
S Clarke
P Hodkin 07507913124 LP G Lawley    
D Hoyles D Hoyles
C West
07592507348 HO C West    
C Cook
07920107923 Tod   C West  
07866481502 Ry A Rothwell A Rothwell  
07961363633 DD P Sharma    
07739798074 WE K Grimshaw    
01484719726 Out P Ford
K Grimshaw
07583096146 BP R Rogers
R Rogers
01484654000 CH R Schofield   K Grimshaw
07572423603 WV D Webster   D Webster
07492742355 Que T Brennan D Webster   D Webster
07702259566 LL K Wike K Wike   D Hoyles
07814014653 Ca J Tebb    
07879551241 BH M Brasen    
07885974137 Mar P Webster M Brason  
07857522073 Sa D Newman P Regan  
07812033079 HB P Regan   M Brason
07902622830 WH D Hoyles  
D Hoyles
07808799526 Hud N Evans
D Hoyles
07719156752 Mel J Warham P Mason
07584285852 CNP P Mason