The Norgate Trophy is a three man team and individual stableford
competition played at the Vice Presidents home course.

The Norgate Trophy will be played at DewsburyGC 31st May 2018


Starting Time


08.00 Dewsbury Woodsome Hall Elland
08.08 Dewsbury Woodsome Hall Elland
08.16 Dewsbury Woodsome Hall Elland
08.24 Crow Nest Park Longley Park Crosland Heath
08.32 Crow Nest Park Longley Park Cosland Heath
08.40 Crow Nest Park Lonley Park Crosland Heath
08.48 Huddersfield Marsden Saddleworth
08.56 Huddrsfield Marsden Saddleworth
09.04 Huddersfield Marsden Saddleworth
09.12 Hebden Bridge Bradley Park Ryburn
09.20 Hebden Bridge Bradley Park Ryburn
09.28 Hebden Bridge Bradley Park Ryburn
09.36 Meltham Lightcliffe Bradley Hall
09.44 Meltham Lightcliffe Bradley Hall
09.52 Meltham Lightcliffe Bradley Hall
10.00 Halifax Queensbury Willow Valley
10.08 Halifax Queensbury Willow Valley
10.16 Halifax Queensbury Willow Valley
10.24 Castlefields West End Todmorden
10.32 Outlane West End Todmorden
10.40 Castlefields Outlane Todmorden
10.48 Castlefield West End Outlane